Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Aftermarket Shopping Site for Coupons?

Today, I read an article about a new website called Lifesta (www.lifesta.com) that allows users to post coupons for sale that they no longer want. So I went and checked it out for myself. My initial thought was this is a really great idea! I can't wait to see what deals I can get. So to my surprise, I was able to search for deals without being forced to enter my email address and subscribe. And boy, am I glad I didn't subscribe. Because, after a search for coupons for just Indianapolis, I discovered there weren't very many coupons available. In fact, with a search across the entire nation, the coupons were the same as the ones available for Indianapolis.

I'll give the site the benefit of the doubt since it's a new concept and it takes users like us to post great offers to make it a great site to shop. It's definitely worth a peak but not a site you want to give your email address to for another subscription in your email in box. I'd say you're better off sticking with your original subscription to the original coupon sites since the coupons posted on Lifesta.com are going for the same price as coupons from the original site. In fact, it appeared some people were trying to sell their coupons for more than the original Groupon price, probably to make up for the 8% service fee Lifesta charges. We'll see how this site progresses over time...


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