Monday, March 21, 2011

Peapod is Taking the Country by Storm...

Imagine a country where going to the grocery store is a thing of the past and all groceries are ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. The internet is changing our everyday lives faster than we even realize. I finally tested the online grocery store out for myself this weekend. And my experience? I'll never step foot in a brick and mortar grocery store again! (Unless I forget something in my online order.) Here are 10 reasons why:

1.) Peapod was so easy and quick to use. I ordered $150 worth of groceries in about 15 minutes.
2.) Prices were comparable to local grocery store prices.
3.) The running total on the persistent shopping cart helps you control your spending because you know what you are spending as you shop.
4.) A landing page of all products with products flagged by sale price helps you easily select the most inexpensive products.
5.) The produce I purchased was better than the hand selected pieces I find at my local grocery store.
6.) Manufacturer coupons are excepted.
7.) Groceries are not only delivered to your doorstep, they bring them into your kitchen for you!
8.) My total service fee was about $6 plus a $1.50 gas surcharge.
9.) If you forget to add something to your order, you can modify your order until 7 pm the day you placed your order.
10.) Text messages are sent with updates on the status of delivery. They provide a two hour delivery window and groceries were delivered promptly within that window.

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