Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a Crazy Exciting ECommerce World Out There

As the face of eCommerce changes almost daily, it seems one of the best ways to stay on top of how to best connect with your customers could very well be by simply keeping track of which technology companies are buying each other.

For example, it seems everyone has been keeping an eye on why it was so important for Microsoft to buy Skype, a quick and quiet steal from Google. Did they have a more strategic vision in mind or was it simply to have a quick win on Google. If you followed this article - Facebook, Skype, and Microsoft's savvy investment, you'd quickly have a good idea of just why.

One thing is certain, the companies that stay on top of the newest trends in social networking will be the ones that stay on top or get to the top of their industry much more quickly and cheaply. With that said, I am anxiously awaiting my keys to the door of Google+, the newest "project" as Google would call it that just might be the big shift that takes Facebook almost as fast as Facebook took the MySpace market.

Only time will tell what's next. One thing is for sure, marketers - get ready to plan your attack and hold on tight. There could be some major shifts needed in your current strategy.


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